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How Can We All Become More Sustainable?

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

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Sustainability is an issue that’s very close to our hearts, it’s the biggest test we have faced as a planet. At Imageco we believe everyone should have clean air, a protected environment, and plastic-free oceans. If not for ourselves then to preserve this beautiful planet for future generations.

We have got just 10 years left before irreversible damage is done. Join us in making a difference and capping carbon output with sustainable energy innovations.

What Have Imageco Gone To Be Sustainable?

Sustainable energy is vital for growth in the right areas, burning fossil fuels is incredibly harmful to our planet. It causes acid rain, land degradation, ocean acidification, and contributes massively towards global warming. Melting the ice caps and causing sea levels to rise.

Imageco recognised this long ago, that’s why we are so pleased to announce that we are having our own Solar panels installed. We will be producing 62,000kwh per year, equivalent to burning the same weight in coal as more than two double-decker buses.

In addition to installing our 256 solar panels, we have committed to a number of eco policies in the name of sustainability. We have installed our voltage optimiser which limits excessive power consumption, we have continued our strict recycling program with an absolute no-landfill policy, handled by our waste management facility Prism, and we have signed up to the Allstar Ecopoint plan, which means more than 70 trees have been planted in Imageco’s name!

What Are We Planning?

In addition to the renewable energy developments that we’re undertaking, we are planning a number of radical changes to the way we do business. These include switching to an electric company vehicle, this would help to dramatically reduce the amount of carbon we emit. The advancements in PHEV’s in recent years means that they’re even more fit for purpose than traditional alternatives. With charging time being slashed, they are always ready to meet the business needs.

In the future, we will be looking at switching to PHEV vans, so every journey we make is as clean and sustainable as possible.

We are also reviewing all of our suppliers, to ensure they’re as committed to the cause as we are. We’re only as good as the products we use, therefore we are ensuring for every cost leading product we stock, we have an eco-alternative that fits your needs. To prove sustainable print and signage is a working reality.

In light of the pandemic, we have used it to trial working from home for those of us that can manage it. The office staff have been successfully avoiding the commute for months now, so to keep the emissions to a minimum, we are looking to continue this into the extended future.

What Can You Do?

Many of these solutions to lower our carbon footprint can inspire you at home, with many of you experiencing the same as us. Such as commuting, and providing your home with electricity. To do this, you too should use carbon footprint calculators to look at exactly what your footprint is, and consider what changes you could make to reduce this.

PHEV’s are a way everyone can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. These harmful chemicals seriously damage our ecosystem. The average European car emits over 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Consider your consumption, every product you buy has a cocktail of potentially harmful materials in it. The sustainability of each product is clearly labeled on the underside of the product, look out for labels such as FSC, Recyclable, or Rainforest Alliance. These signify your product is eco-friendly and often completely recyclable, so rather than ending up in a landfill, they will go on to be used again and again. Keeping our oceans and landfills clear of materials that won’t biodegrade for hundreds of years like plastic.

Sustainable printing and signage are our bread and butter, if you need an office renovation or decoration, or maybe you’re launching a new product and need to tell the world.

Do it sustainably and... get in touch today.