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How Safe are Hospitals?

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Infection prevention hospital print

Hospitals are the hub for health improvement and wellness, visitors don’t expect to be getting more ill than when they entered. Sadly, this is a possibility, MRSA, Covid-19 and other bacteria-based superbugs occur when bacteria survive the cleaning in hospitals. NHS facilities take this incredibly seriously and dedicate huge resources to keeping surfaces free of potential Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI), although in some cases the microbes continue to live on touchpoints leading to infections.

Our health science partner Drytac, the wide-format specialists, have developed a film that can be applied to any surface or structure, to provide protection against bacteria and fungus. Drytacs AMP Protac film contains Microban technology which distorts the enzymes and kills the microbe. Drastically reducing the spread of infection.


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To counter the dangerous spread of HAI’s, the AMP Protac film can be applied to door handles, phones, window frames, beds, and anything that could harbor infection-causing microbes. The unique reservoirs in the material hold an enzyme busting formula designed to kill bacteria and fungus on contact.

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