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How to Create the Ultimate Christmas Hospitality Experience

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

How to Create the Ultimate Christmas Hospitality Experience

We know what you’re thinking: “Another Christmas blog in the middle of summer?” We know it seems a bit early, but trust us, it’s the best time to get ready for the holiday season! This time, we’re focusing specifically on hospitality businesses. After all, who can resist the charm of dazzling venues at Christmas parties, or the dining out experience of the big day itself, that will leave your customers mesmerised? So, drop that Scrooge attitude because it’s time to start thinking about how to spruce up your hospitality space this Christmas! 


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

Already, the highly anticipated Christmas parties are starting to be booked, marking the most important event in the office calendar. Not only that, families and friends from all over the country are searching for the best restaurant and bar experiences, excited to reunite and create unforgettable memories together. You might have the customer service to deliver just that, but how can you go the extra mile to make your hospitality venue really stand out? 


There’s Big Competition 

There are some jaw-dropping festive decorations across bars, restaurants, and hotels with big names like The Ivy leading the way. But how do you plan to stand out amongst the competition? At Imageco, we specialise in crafting stunning interior and exterior displays that are sure to get the footfall flowing. Whatever your vision may be, we’re here to transform it into a reality. Even if getting your Christmas decor ready hasn’t crossed your mind yet, we have some ideas to get you going. 


Our Ideas for Exciting Hospitality Displays: 

1. Santa-approved Signage  

When it comes to creating the ultimate Christmas hospitality experience, don’t overlook the power of signage in improving both your interior and exterior decorations. While the traditional “Santa, please stop here” signs are charming, let’s take it a step further and explore the possibilities that signage offers. Consider using customised festive signs that warmly welcome guests and guide them towards the centre of the celebration. But don’t forget about the exterior displays! Using eye-catching Christmas-themed signage outside your building can attract passers-by to explore what your business has to offer and significantly increase footfall. Afterall, studies have found that 80% of customers would be willing to try a new store if the exterior was clean and inviting – making it clear that these first impressions have a significant impact on your bottom line. 


2. Wonderful Wall Coverings 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to create a space which encourages customers to share their experiences on social media. With our carefully designed wall coverings, every nook and cranny can transform into an Instagram-worthy backdrop, giving your customers the perfect opportunity to capture and share their moments with your business.  


Our digitally printed wallpapers come in a delightful array of finishes and textures, allowing you to convert even the dullest walls into your creative vision. To do this, we can also use DESCOR®, a game-changing technology that opens a world of possibilities. These printable textiles introduce a burst of colour, bespoke design, and branding to your space, setting your Christmas decor apart from the rest. Thanks to our in-house graphic design team and the latest print technology, we have the power to bring extraordinary Christmas designs to life. 


3. Incorporate Sustainability  

Did you know 30% more waste is generated this time of year? That’s why going green Christmas this year should be at the top of your Christmas agenda. 

Have you thought about cardboard engineering this Christmas? One of the key sustainable materials we love to use for interior displays is the Xanita board. It’s not only lightweight but also exceptionally strong, surpassing traditional fibre boards. Using Xanita means you’re opting for a fully recyclable material. But if you’re not ready to say goodbye to it, the structures can be repurposed year after year, making it a fantastic choice for a guilt-free Christmas. 

For eye-catching and environmentally friendly Christmas window displays, we use PVC-free vinyl. To create these displays, we use water-based ink on an HP Latex printer. By choosing PVC-free vinyl, you contribute to reducing harmful environmental impacts and showcase your commitment to sustainability. To see exactly how to achieve this, look at our work in Leeds City Centre. 


Need Help? Contact our Elves! 

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or are needing a little bit more help, we’d love to make all your Christmas dreams come true! Get in contact with our expert Elves and we’ll make your Christmas dreams come true!