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Imageco Goes Solar   

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Imageco are proud to announce that for the first time in our history, we will be almost completely reliant of self-generated solar power. We are in the process of installing 84 tier one photovoltaic solar panels onto our roof to generate 100% green electricity. 

The solar panels are instrumental in allowing us to continue to innovate every aspect of our business. 

The Physical Fitting 

The external fitters handle everything from start to finish, they do a full site survey and physical health and safety audits of the buildings in question. The scaffold is then put in place and the installers start by installing roof hooks and rail system to hold the panels. They then installed the panels and do the electrical wiring to enable the panels to go live. 

The job takes approximately 4 days to complete, although this varies on ease of access, roof type, mounting system, panels, size of the system etc.  

It’s was nice for our team to have a day off from print installing and project managing, as the team at Planet U took care of the install.  

The Seamless Integration 

With such a busy factory floor, it is vital for us that work was not interrupted. With less than an hour’s downtime for electrical transference, the minor interruption can take place during our lunch break!

The solar system technology manages the power input and usage, it knows exactly what is needed and can understand how much power is needed and where to draw it from. In the case of rare shortfalls, it bridges the gap from the mains supply, which also happens to be 100% renewable energy. Ensuring there is absolutely no loss of operating capacity, at any time. Meaning we can still fulfill the biggest jobs, working day and night to meet the highest demands. 

The Results 

 The revolutionary concept comes just months after we installed a voltage optimiser in the facility, together the innovative energy solutions will save 43,010kg of carbon from entering the atmosphere. While creating enough green energy to power 18 homes for an entire year. 

The Committee on Climate Change issued five clear investment priorities to the Prime Minister this May, one of which was the retrofitting of existing buildings for futureproofing the low carbon emissions. Imageco has ticked that box. The goal being, to come out of the pandemic with an improved eco model to ensure our future is not hindered in any way. 

Only time will tell if we succeed in our goal to keep the world green, however,  this is a huge step forward for us and for our clients. Now your print and signage work is almost entirely created using self-generated green energy. 

Have your new material printed responsibly and sustainably with Imageco. 

If you need fresh signage or print and want it to be as green as possible... then get in touch with our team today.