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Imageco Talks Review! Antimicrobial Protection

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Infection Control Webinar

Our inaugural event kicked off with an enlightening discussion about the role of surface antimicrobial protection in infection prevention protocols. It featured key insight from the guys in the know, namely; Shaun Holdom – Global Product Manager at Drytac, Steve Lister – Freelance Global Retail Sustainability Strategist, and Scott Buckler – our very own Head of Sustainable Business Development. 

Click to watch the event unfold!

Click to watch the event unfold!

The Protac AMP  

To celebrate becoming Drytacs first official UK Health Science Partner, we wanted to highlight their innovative new product, the Protac AMP with Microban antimicrobial technology. 

Shaun started off by giving us comprehensive coverage of the film, the 150-micron thick industrial grade polyester incorporates microbe busting technology that disrupts the cell wall and penetrates the membrane of the bacteria or fungus, reducing its capacity to replicate and spread. The solution in the film, Zinc Pyrithione effectively halts the natural progress of harmful diseases by stopping them use the surface as a breeding ground. Shaun was quick to note that their product does not impact the lifecycle of a virus, which can only grow and replicate inside a host cell. After the brief science lesson by our expert, we discussed the immense potential the product has. It is active 365 days a year, for up to 15 years; and is always fully operational and protective against bacteria. This solution doesn’t even take a day off for Christmas! 

Retail Rolling Out  

Retail is due to reopen in mere weeks, at the time of writing (who knows when you’re reading this!). Customer apprehension and anxiety about returning to shops is very real, and the psychology of knowing that the touching surfaces could spread infections will be here long after the virus has been contained and nulled. Our esteemed guest, Steve Lister went on to explain how the physical environment of a retail outlet is incredibly important to the buyer journey and touching things is part of our human nature. Retailers must adopt antimicrobial protection to put customers’ minds at rest and improve their hygiene standards to protect them from bacteriabased diseases such as MRSA and E-coli, both of which are killed by the Protac AMP. He ended by stating he thinks solutions like these will help retailers bring back the experience of shopping and will return confidence back to consumers. 

Antimicrobial Protection Application  

This film can be applied directly to any surface, the adhesive used for the Protac AMP is a permanent variant that turns the protective solution into a lifetime barrier against bacteria for infection prevention. It can also be used as a laminate, which means it can be combined with any printed surface. This gives the solution flexibility to work with any layout and physical environment. Shaun noted that this gives hospitality, healthcare, retail, entertainment venues, a whole plethora of opportunities where they can install protective spaces for visitors. 

A full recording of the webinar can be found here. We would love to discuss how we could work together to implement this in your space.  

 If you want to learn more about our infection prevention solution please get in touch with our team.