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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Printing of wide format print graphics

As a fledgling SME, your individuality is a requirement. It’s easy for a brand’s design to blend into the background, becoming a doppelgänger to the several other businesses in your industry. 

By putting consideration into your image, you can avoid this and project your business into the masses as a stylish, intriguing and eye-catching start-up. Here are our 5 top tips to building the perfect bespoke design for your brand: 


Don’t fall victim to the idea of jumping right into the design. Initially, consider the vast physical and digital media platforms there are. 

You’ll need bespoke displays for networking events, posters and flyers, business cards and a flashy website. You could even consider POS, light boxes and banners. The products you put on show should be vast and striking. Go hard or go home. 


What is it exactly that you do? People will want to see a design that digs through to the basics – the fine print comes after you’ve hooked them in. 

Build a small profile of your business to help you highlight the most important bits. Use this to create catchy headlines for print that will get stuck in your clients’ heads; avoid clichés but don’t be nervous to test out a few puns. 


Font choices can make or break how businesses are perceived. Ensure the style is thematically linked to your business – if your industry is sleek and professional, choose something that reflects this; if it’s a creative one, experiment with a few. 

Some graphic designs even utilise isolated typography. Exploring your business through font choice can make your bond with the brand stronger. 


Be sure to avoid monotony. Make bold choices that would stop you in your tracks at an event or fair. Increasing the contrast of your brand’s colour palette is usually the right thing to do. Cold imagery can have a negative effect. 

Printing Techniques 

Think about expanding your horizons beyond mere paper – your hard design work might be better suited to Imageco’scatalogue of vinyls, backlit skins, faux leather, or more. Simple ideas could be transformed into alluring textures or installations. 


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