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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

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As a print and visual imaging provider in the North, we take our green credentials and our impact on the environment very seriously. That’s why we only use equipment and print solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. By running our print project efficiently and reducing wastage at the same time, we are able to do just that.

Our state of the art printers can manage large scale, high-quality wide format print projects whilst still maintaining an environmentally friendly production run. The Vutek GS3250LX Pro printer, in particular, has many technical features that allow us to operate with greener print solutions for our clients. From temperature controls to efficient machine management to economical materials, all of which contribute to an all-around eco-friendly print process.

Our printing equipment operates with consistent colour output and a simple management process, which significantly reduces wastage as well as enhancing productivity. The machines are able to operate for longer, more accurately, at a higher quality and with a straight forward operating process. This is important, not only from a client service and turnaround perspective but also in terms of decreasing the amount of power consumption from within our workshop, which essentially contributes to a more economical print run.

We also try and ensure wherever possible that we use eco-friendly substrates and inks on our print projects. This is a particularly important aspect for wide format graphics which tend to use huge amounts of ink on each print run. Eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly popular with clients as more and more businesses turn their attention to the environment.

In addition, the printing process is conducted from within a fully-enclosed machine which is excellent for operator safety as well as reducing the amount of energy and heat emissions from the machine output.

We also enforce a strict recycling policy which consists of separating media waste, mainly DI-BOND and acrylic, which are taken away and separated. This is hugely beneficial to our company as well as having positive effects on the environment. We also pay a fee to have card recycled to save even more on wastage costs.

If you’d like to find out more about our energy efficient and green credentials at Imageco then feel free to get in touch!