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ImagEco’s Pull-Up Banner Recycling: Keeping your events green.

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of exhibition banners stacked on top of each other

ImagEco’s Pull-Up Banner Recycling Scheme has arrived! Did you know that 600,000 tons of waste are generated annually by convention attendees? In fact, trade show and event industries are considered to be one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. From attendee waste going into none segmented waste streams to plastic merchandise winding up in bins outside the venue, there are few elements of the events industry that do not create high levels of waste. 

So that leads us to the question; how can your next event have as little impact on the planet as possible!? 

Waste Management

Ensuring there are segmented waste streams at your next event should be the first place to start. It’s all too easy for event organisers to scatter a few ‘all-purpose’ bins around the venue and take no responsibility for proper recycling. If you don’t give your attendees the opportunity to recycle properly, you’re missing the base requirement of making your event that little bit greener 

Sustainable Stands

This one is for all the exhibitors. How green are the materials that you’re building your stands from? We guarantee that they’re not as sustainable as you might think. But do you know what is? Cardboard Engineered exhibition stands 

If you’re a sustainably conscious business, you need to make sure that you’re presenting yourself as one. The first impression that event attendees get of your brand is your stand, so you better make it as sustainable as possible. The possibilities available with Cardboard Engineering are truly sensational, and the benefits and ease created by it just make it that much more exciting for us to offer. Products can range from something as simple as boxes, all the way up to life-size complex figures and designs. One of our favourite things about cardboard engineering is that it’s created from 100% recyclable material. We can develop structures made from Xanita, a sustainable fibre board in which the inner core is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight and much stronger than traditional fibre board. All whilst being non-toxic. 

Green Merchandise

If you’re thinking of handing out merch at your next event, consider what’s going into it, and whether there is a sustainable swap that would represent your values that little bit better. Branded reusable coffee cups or water bottles are always a good option, because not only are you handing out something that’s unlikely to be instantly thrown in the bin, but you’re encouraging attendees to practice less wasteful behaviour once they leave.  

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Keeping your next event green doesn’t stop once the event is over. How are you disposing of all the display equipment you’ve used? The good news about a cardboard engineered stand is that not only are they easy to dismantle and reuse, but once you’re completely finished with them, they can go straight into the recycling bin. But one thing that event organisers often struggle to dispose of is pull-up banners. If you didn’t know this already, pull-up banners can’t go into standard recycling streams. But don’t stress, we have just the solution for you! 

ImagEco’s Pull-Up Banner Recycling Scheme

We are now offering the opportunity for those looking for refreshed pull-up banners 10% off their new pull-up banner order with us if they drop their old ones off with us, so that we can recycle them appropriately. You can also check out some of our green pull-up banner alternatives including cardboard-engineered pull-up banners and PVC free pull-up banners.  

We look forward to working together to make the events industry a greener place! 

Please note: Our pull-up banner recycling scheme is for those purchasing new banners from Imageco.

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