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The Checklist for Your Next Event

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

The vaccine rollout of 2021 is thoroughly underway. At the time of writing, the UK is up to 32 million and counting. While the country gets excited about the first crisp pint at the local pub, we’re getting excited about events opening back up!

Soon we will be able to exhibit at trade shows, and conventions all across the country. We will be able to meet new people and get involved in the latest trends. We can’t wait! There’s still so much to be done though, so follow this checklist to make sure you have everything in place in time for events to reopen in June!


  1. No Touch Entry with Integrated QR codes

When the guests arrive at the event, they need to be welcomed and organised without any issue. In this highly sanitised world we live in, signing a tablet or a screen isn’t covid-secure. Touchpoints are one of the ways that health professionals have advised us can spread the virus. Thus, contact-free sign in would be the safest way to keep the event safe from outbreak.

Technology genius’ TAAP have launched a solution that presents the visitor with a QR code which you can scan with your smartphone to log in and receive a visitor pass. Administrators can even request visitors sign documents and read policies before signing in, which is a contact free way to ensure everyone at the event understands the do’s and don’t’s. TAAP’s Visitor Book solution gives event administrators the ability to visualise everyone who is at their event, which works to pass on details and follow up marketing material. The QR codes can be printed anything, such as paper-based, recyclable and easy to install material Xanita. Perfect for short term uses like events.

TAAP’s Product Manager Paul George said “It’s exciting that the event industry is opening up again and with TAAP Visitor Book, we can help streamline the visitor arrival process in a contactless, covid safe manner. The great thing about TAAP Visitor Book is that it’s one app that can be used to sign into any event, conference building or even pub that’s subscribed to the service.”


  1. Sanitiser Stations

While Covid-19 is still a threat, events must still conform to the guidelines and safety protocols. These indicate sanitiser must be available and in view at regular intervals. In large open spaces like event centres, sanitiser stations benefit from being free standing. They can then be placed anywhere within the event space.

Our free-standing hand sanitisers are made from recyclable material, meaning once the event is finished, they can be easily disposed of. They can be 100% customisable so can feature branding from the event, and even important information about remaining covid-secure.


  1. Up-to-date Signage

Signage is vital for events, keeping a large group of people aware of regulations aids organisers in maintaining a covid-secure environment. Information like, where the nearest sanitiser point is, and how to log in to the track-and-trace app can all be applied to event signage.

Branding the event and making sure the audience take on board messaging helps organisers keep the conversation flowing after the event has finished. Social media marketing and community marketing both benefit from highly visible signs that feature calls to action to tweet about the event and ‘join the club’. Signage is vital in this regard; it helps organisers make an impact beyond the event day.

Kavalan PVC-free banners have the performance, look and feel of a coated textile/banner material, it is perfect for indoor and short-term outdoor display and banner applications and all exhibition wall wraps and backdrops. It is printable on both sides and compatible with both UV and Latex ink sets, allowing it to be a sustainable option when printing. This product is perfect to brand an exhibition. Use it to make a name for yourself and get your audience’s attention!


To get help setting up your next event, and to make sure you’ve ticked every box get in touch.