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The Future of Sustainable Print with HP

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of a printer printing wide format designs

The print industry has, for a long time, had a bit of a stigma surrounding its environmental impacts. As ever, at Imageco sustainability is at the core of all that we do. We are constantly searching out the ways in which we can make our practices better for the planet. That is why we are always proud to be able to work alongside HP and utilise their cutting-edge technology that is changing the game in print sustainability. So, we’ve worked with HP once again to pull some details together so you can see how we are working towards a future of sustainable print.

The science of HP Latex

So, we want to first debunk any doubt you may have about the name ‘latex’. HP Latex is a water-based ink technology, meaning up to 70% of the ink formula is water. The latest water-based HP Latex inks are designed to avoid the hazards associated with other inks. This ink formula is combined with wetting agents and humectants needed for printhead reliability (which, incidentally, your home printer also uses) to produce a liquid ink vehicle that carries latex polymer and pigment particles to and through the printer’s printheads onto the substrate. Radiant heat and forced airflow evaporate the liquid and activate the polymers, binding the pigments and substrate together to leave a durable image on the print media surface. Prints are ready to use, even laminate, immediately.

And guess what else? It’s vegan and FULLY recyclable, making it the perfect partner for our OceanTex materials.

Environmental consciousness and material diversity are the boxes being ticked by print buyers more and more often – which is where HP Latex inks come in.

So why HP?

Its water-based formulation makes the latest HP Latex inks a no hazard label alternative to UV, UV Gel, Solvent, and Eco-Solvent inks. HP Latex has been designed for sustainable impact and is backed by numerous Eco-labels and certifications. The most recent HP Latex inks are UL ECOLOGO certified, meeting stringent health and environmental criteria, including toy safety requirements.

All HP Latex Inks also achieve GREENGUARD GOLD certification at the unrestricted level. This certification proves that a product has very low emissions, low enough to be used in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals. This is a huge benefit for companies wishing to sell to these markets. And it’s great for employee safety too! HP Latex printers have no special ventilation requirements, and HP Latex ink produces odourless prints. Something which proves to be a challenge for other ink technologies.

Sustainable Strategies

HP has always been fiercely dedicated to the environment and the industries impact on wider society, with this being traced back to the company’s founding more than 80 years ago. This ongoing commitment is expertly summed up by HP founder Dave Packard, who said many years ago: “The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few. It is a responsibility to be shared by all”.

In 1991, HP got ahead of the market by launching a campaign called HP Planet Partners, which offers it’s partners a simple and convenient way to recycle original HP inkjet supplies, computer hardware and rechargeable batteries. This simple, yet extremely effective, system means that all returned products are recycled properly and millions of tons of waste have been diverted from landfill.

HP- Pioneering Sustainable Print Tech

Take for example HP Latex printers; these are the leading solutions in the market for companies that are looking to improve their environmental credentials, while at the same time retaining an excellent quality of printed output. HP Latex printers all run water-based inks, which are significantly kinder to the environment than solvent-based, eco-solvent, UV and UV gel inks. This immediately improves your environmental image and is something you can pass on to your customers.

Put sustainability at the heart of your business with upcoming HP webinar.

Following the successful completion of its series of Coffee Talks on sustainability, HP has hosted a webinar around sustainability featuring Imageco. ‘Putting sustainability at the heart of your business’ was hosted on 28th of October 2021.

The webinar included interviews with other print service provider (PSP) customer and an HP partner who are ahead of the curve and have already adopted more eco-conscious business practices.

Additionally, a demonstration of the HP Latex R Printer Series and the HP Latex 800W Printer was streamed from HP’s Graphic Experience Center in Barcelona.


In case you missed the date, please find here the replay on the full webinar: