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The Power of POS: Five Creative Ideas to Try

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

The North Face Retail Display with creative POS

POS has been in use for generations, from travelling salesmen selling their mystery tonics in the 1800’s all the way to Elon Musk in his super high-tech Tesla showrooms. The concept is still very much the same, to draw attention to your products and highlight their qualities. The very best POS makes you understand exactly why you need to buy that product. Here are our favourite ways to do just that. 

 1. Creative Floor Graphics 

Customers naturally look where they’re walking, it’s human nature. To interrupt that space with an engaging, interactive display would take them by surprise and draw their complete attention to the product. Creative floor displays often engage with the physical space itself, giving the brand intelligent physical awareness. 

An effective use of the floor space, that’s usually uninhabited would give your brand the stage.  

We recommend using our PVC-free environmentally friendly option that’s designed for easy application while keeping its ultra-high quality for months. The material is safe for floor use, is designed to be thin enough to not cause a trip hazard. As seen in our current social distancing range.  

3d Floor Graphics

2. Engaging FreeStanding Interior Displays 

Free-standing interior displays are a way to fantastic way to temporarily dress up your store, by using stunning visual solutions to promote offerings within the store, or by pushing seasonal products. The most effective are those that exploit the, often limited, space available in a creative way. In order to maximise viewing potential from large numbers of customers. 

Freestanding displays must be well positioned, alone in the field of vision, to increase the level of attention from customers. To be strong enough to standalone they must be made of hard wearing, strengthened materials. We recommend Xanita, this paper-based substrate is a closed-cell fibreboard that’s a directly printable support structure. Highly suitable for indoors use, it’s made from recycled paper that’s 100% recyclable. 

Xanita Sustainable

3. Using the Product 

With most brands, they are superbly proud of their product. Take The North Face, they pride themselves on having a product line that is meticulously designed and refined. It’s not just a name, its industry leading materials that make them who they are. Their POS reflects this. They showcase the actual garments as much as they can. Often the surrounding façade is designed to carry on the theme. 

 For ‘The North Face’ POS, they suspended the products from the ceiling and used structural support inside the jacket, so to not use mannequins. Diverting no attention from the excellent product. To follow the style of this, we recommend exposed structural support with Foamex and MDF to create the rustic feel. To see an example of this combinationtake a look at The North Face case study 

North Face POS

 4. Light Display 

Shine a light on your brand using high-visibility LED’s, having LED’s imbedded into your POS draws attention to the specific features of the design. We used Applelec LED for our display stand at the Digital City Festival to showcase just how green we are, we used bright green LEDs combined with a green acrylic to illuminate our backboard. It really caught the eye. 

 We recommend using our light boxes, they’re a fantastic way to get creative and help illuminate your brand, show your product off or spread information. Our light boxes are completely customisable, even after installation. With the ability to swap out the façade to create an entirely new look, at minimal extra cost. They are a great way to use space that is unsuitable for any other display, be it too small or dark.  

To improve the sustainability of the display, use Ocean Tex, it’s made from 100% recycled material plastic, helping keep our oceans clean. 

Channel Lightbox

 5. Interactive Displays 

 This really is a showstopper, grabbing any passer-by’s attention. Our displays can be developed bespoke to your brand. For example, for Hark’s exhibition stand, we developed 3D holographic that projected their logo and rotating wind turbine blades to present their energy offering. 

We recommend tailoring it to your audience, for our exhibition stand at Digital City Festival we included a free-standing mirror that relayed out our corporate video as a fun and interactive addition. 

3D Displays

Looking to discuss how you can get creative with your POS? Get in touch with our team today!