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Three Lessons from our Installation Team

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Our installation team working on the mural at the York LNER community stadium.

Installation unites all the elements of a project together, revealing the complete picture for the world to see. That’s why it’s viewed as the most important step in your project. Our dedicated installation team are always on a mission, working around the clock to set up graphics, signage, and stands, ensuring speedy turnarounds with the highest precision. However, getting to this point has taken plenty of hard work and lessons learned along the way.   

So, let’s dive into our top three lessons. 

1. The Power of Preparation 

In any project, preparation is crucial, spanning from the initial survey to the final installation phase. Our experience has shown that to begin a project, a solid survey sets the stage for a seamless project execution. When you do your prep right, give yourself enough time, and tick off all those to-do’s, the installation process becomes hassle-free. Staying thoroughly prepared throughout a project is also important because it serves as your shield against the costly and time-consuming snagging issues that can crop up. It ensures that all those prints go up safely and securely, without messing up your project timelines. 

Preparation doesn’t come just at the beginning of the project. Before starting a project, we’ll always do a site recce – to check things like the measurements and the quality of the surface. We also do our research to ensure everything is scheduled around our clients’, picking the quietest time slots for them. This way, we can get things done quicker and keep the disruptions at bay. 

When it comes to exhibition stands, we prebuild the full stand at Imageco HQ to check structural integrity, the components are fitting together and that elements such as lighting are operational. We then disassemble it, giving us peace of mind that everything works well before it even gets to our clients. Our thorough approach to preparation not only simplifies the installation process but also minimises the chances of unexpected setbacks.  

By maintaining a high level of readiness throughout, from the initial survey to the final checks in our headquarters, we ensure the successful and smooth execution of every installation project. So, prep like a pro, and you’ll thank yourself later! 


2. It’s a Team Effort 

Teamwork is important in every project we carry out. At Imageco, we’ve got a fantastic crew of project managers who make sure everything runs smoothly during our installations. We provide all the necessary tools and handpick the best teams for each job. Each member of our Imageco team is a specialist in their own area. If we have a large wallpaper job, you can bet we’ve got a team of pros who know wallpapering inside and out. The same goes for signage and exhibitions. We’re all about bringing in the right experts for the job, and that’s what makes Imageco stand out in delivering top results for our clients. 

Project managers are like the backbone of our installation processes. For exhibitions, they’re the ones who talk to the venue, make sure safety checks and forms are completed, double-check the stand space, and organise the timing for setting up and taking down your showstopper. Plus, for international projects, they handle all the logistics of moving wide format print projects across borders without a hitch. Their job is to make sure the client can breathe easy, knowing everything’s in capable hands. 

At Imageco, we’re all about giving those starting out a chance. We’ve got this great thing going on where new starters get to learn from our experienced crew, setting them up for growth and development. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at; we’re big on teamwork, putting in the effort, and keeping a good attitude. Everyone’s got a part to play, and we’re all in it together. 


3. Flexibility Matters 

Sometimes installations just don’t go as smoothly as we’d like, and it’s not anyone’s fault, really. But our attitude to getting sh*t done is second to none. We believe in staying flexible, so if things do go off track, we can react quickly and make sure we fix things right.  

We needed to be flexible on an installation project we worked on overseas. One of our fitters had to be in Switzerland and had a short amount of time to get the job done. When he got to Luton airport, he realised he’d taken his wife’s passport by mistake! We simply had to turn around, go back and start again. Time was against us but somehow, we did it. We can laugh about this now. But, from that day on, any overseas installs we made checking the correct passport was a priority. This experience reminded us of the importance of being flexible and the ability to adapt swiftly in an unprecedented situation.  


Learning and Doing It Right 

Learning is the name of the game when it comes to growth. It’s what allows us to make informed decisions based on what we’ve experienced along the way. Thanks to all those lessons we’ve soaked up over the years, we’re your go-to for any installation job. So, when it’s time to tackle that installation project, you can count on us to be the ones who’ll rise to the occasion, armed with experience and ready to take on whatever comes our way. Contact us.