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Transform Concentration Levels Through Interior Decor & Wallpaper

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of colour swatches for interior design

Is there anything worse than trying to concentrate on a piece of work when all you can focus on is the ticking of a clock, or the buzzing of the office lights? Everyday surroundings can have a huge effect on mood, ability to concentrate and general productivity levels. Aspects such as lighting, colour, noise and even general clutter can make or break whether you’re in a comfortable working environment. The phrase ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ didn’t come from thin air, it is a proven fact that there is a large psychological link between your surroundings and how your brain functions. Who knew that wallpaper and interiors could be the answer to boosting concentration levels?


As adults, we spend a large amount of our time at work, which is why a pleasant environment can have a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing. Building a positive and comfortable workplace environment is a very critical element in employee performance. And why wouldn’t you want your staff to be more productive?

A conducive working environment that is aesthetically pleasing will encourage employee mobility, concentration, sensory and physical connection to work and foster employee engagement. But where should you start?

Workplace Interiors

Aesthetics through Wallpaper

The best first step in improving the aesthetics of a workspace is to reduce clutter. Tidy spaces invoke a sense of calm, whilst cluttered spaces create feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

The appeal of a more aesthetic office is easy to understand. Imagine yourself in a bright, colourful, open plan workspace. Now imagine yourself in a drab, plainly furnished and poorly lit office space. I think we can guess which one you’d feel happier and more productive in. Numerous studies have shown that a large proportion of workers value an aesthetically pleasing workspace. Whilst you don’t quite need to go as far as Google’s brightly coloured offices with slides instead of stairs, think of how you can upgrade your interiors through a simpler approach utilising wallpaper, fun or calming graphics and beautiful signage. It’s easier than you’d think!


Sounds, smells, temperature, lighting, and colour palette make a huge difference to people’s comfort, feeling of safety and relaxation levels. Overwhelming sounds, colours and smells can be extremely distracting in a workplace. Whilst you want to create a nice and fun environment for your workers, you don’t want to have so much going on that it distracts everyone. Think of the places where people feel most relaxed. Is it a comfortable and minimalistic studio space? Or would you look to bring the feeling of nature inside?

Optimisation of sensory effects can be particularly important for those with neurodiverse conditions or those with other mental conditions. Creating a comfortable environment can be easily done by taking small steps such as adding directive signage within the office so those unfamiliar with the space know where to go or choosing the right coloured wallpaper.

Wallpaper Lighting

Green Spaces

Being surrounded by a greener environment has been proven to improve concentration, lessen attention fatigue and drive productivity by up to 20%. Many people’s first thought of green spaces is high maintenance green walls with plants from floor to ceilings. But creating more green spaces within your work environment doesn’t need to be as complex and time consuming as this.

At Imageco, our greenspaces program creates a natural feeling environment through the use of one or more of our sustainable product offerings of wallpapers and window coverings.

Wallpaper to Write Home About 

If your workspace needs a little TLC, Imageco is here to help. Our designers are able to transform your space with a range of creative designs, wallpapers and textiles. The opportunities are endless with Imageco, our huge variety of products, materials and design capabilities can elevate your space to be somewhere your staff will be excited to work in and ignite inspiration.

If you’re looking to boost your workers concentration and productivity levels, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and a member of our team will work with your to design your perfect space.