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Wallpaper: Helping Save the World’s Oceans

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of OceanTex, a sustainable wallpaper made from recycled bottle

Our oceans are swimming with single-use plastics, 8 million tonnes enter the water each year. This is an epidemic, millions of marine animals are dying or suffering due to plastic straws, food packaging, plastic bags, plastic bottles, all flooding the precious ecosystems. That’s why we have such a strong focus on eco-friendly materials and recyclable plastic. We know that’s how we can improve the situation; our recycled bottle wallpaper helps to block some of the 8 tonnes of plastic entering the water.   

How Its Made 

Firstly, the plastic must be sourced. The plastic comes from single-use drinks bottles, made from PET plastic. These items are traditionally not recycled, as they are easy to source and cheap to manufacture, thus they end up in unwanted places. The plastic is picked up, cleaned and shredded to form flakes. These are then converted into pellets which are then melted into fibers and spun to form a canvas.  

Then we take over! 


The Recycled Bottle Wallpaper is a fantastic opportunity to leave the world with less waste than when we found it. We are ‘Up-cycling’ the plastic waste, giving it a new, improved purpose. By doing this we’re creating something that has more value and meaning than what it was previously, something that is tremendously rewarding. 

Office rebrands are one of the best uses for this material, the durable nature of the hard-wearing plastic means it will continue to look fresh day after day. Helping businesses keep costs down by installing wall coverings that last and don’t need replacing. 

Other uses for the material vary hugely, as there are no limitations with this option. From POS to events, to exhibitionsThe two options available are paste-to-wall applications, which constitute one-piece wall covering, suitable for office decoration and canvas wraps and staple wrap-around frames, that provide high quality, exhibition level images. Perfect for statement interior solutions! 


We are very proud to work with such amazing materials. To print sustainably and responsibly is what we strive for.  

We love how incredibly versatile as well as visually stunning it isWe predict our clients will be very happy with this solution, just as Pentest People werethey wanted their office completely rebranding. We designed and created an entire wall decoration, using a one-piece structure as a covering for the chosen walls. The colours burst from the canvas in a way that really brought it to life. 

If you need any ultra-sustainable wallpaper, perhaps to revamp your office... then get in touch with our team today.