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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Imageco Reception

Wide format printing is an immense industry that covers creative design, exhibitions, interior & exterior signage, retail & POS, wallpapers & textiles and more. But, despite its usage across the business world, not a lot of companies have implemented ways to keep their printing processes green. 

At Imageco, we pride ourselves on our mission to go green in hopes of setting an example for wide format printers everywhere. Here are some of the ways we’re reducing the carbon-footprint of our processes and keeping emissions to a low. 

Xanita Fibreboard & Other Green Materials  

Thanks to our stockist Antalis UK, we’re able to provide our customers with the environmentally friendly, recyclable and ultra-lightweight Xanita Print fibreboard. 

The board is constructed with natural, recycled kraft materials, is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is fully repulpable for future recycling. While some green products tend to lack in quality, the Xanita fibreboard actually boasts an increased strength and longevity with a 75% reduction in weight compared to MDF boards. This means we can provide top-quality wide format print materials while doing our bit for the environment! 

We also stock a range of other green print materials including PVC-free products, FSC approved wallpapers, digitally printable FCS-approved wood and 100% recycled acrylic. 

HP Latex Technology 

HP Latex tech addresses important health and environmental concerns including ink chemistry and indoor air quality. Their inks are odourless and require no ventilation processes. 

We want to set the standard for more sustainable large format printing, so we offer HP Latex Inks to combat any harmful emissions or extra energy usage required by other inks. 


Helping the Environment to Thrive 

While we’ve made our print processes greener, we’ve also made our waste processes environmentally friendly! We operate a recycling policy for products including acrylic, dibond and all paper and card products. For general waste, our waste management facility, Prism, operates a strict no-landfill policy. 

In 2016, we also contributed to the planting of 39 trees to give back a little to our planet. 


Reducing Waste with Innovative Print Tech 

Our Imageco team are always on the lookout for exciting ways to attain sustainability, eliminate over-production and reduce energy usage to improve our green credentials. 

We strive for the best large format print colour accuracy tech on the market to avoid reprints and waste. Investment into our Efi Vutek GS3250LX Ultradtop Pro and Zund G3 Cutter has allowed us to achieve this ethical standard by increasing quality productivity. 


If you’re looking to work with a wide format print company with a sustainable and environmentally friendly ethos, get in touch with our team today. 


If you’re looking to work with a wide format print company with a sustainable and environmentally friendly ethos. Get in touch with our team today.