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When it comes to sustainable print, we’re not messing about. We know our industry uses a lot of power and we know materials can be costly to the environment.

We’re working as hard as possible to be a low-emission operation. You can learn more about our green mission here, but one of the ways sustainability can really be achieved is through the types of materials we work with.

Check out some of our amazing sustainable alternatives we’ve sourced to help you ensure sustainability in your company too. 

dispa board

Dispa is a sign & display board with a flat smooth bright white print surface – perfect for really vibrant colours!

It’s super durable thanks to its unique embossed core but it’s made of 100% paper. Not only is it FSC certified, it’s fully recyclable – winner!

We use Dispa for short term promotional campaigns, hanging signs, displays and POS.


Our Environmentally friendly Envirotech banners contain no PVC and are 100% recyclable!

They look and feel just like a normal PVC banners, but they’re an environmentally friendly alternative, helping to improve your carbon footprint and boost your green credentials.

We also offer Envirotech® PVC Free Mesh, which is perfect for external building wraps, scaffolding, construction works and fencing. – The finished products look amazing.

Xanita Board

Xanita is an engineered fibreboard manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes. 

We use this stuff for everything! It’s so versatile, we use it for exhibition stands, trade shows, 3D signage, point-of-sale displays, pop-up shops, and much more.

We even built our own exhibition stand entirely of Xanita, including  our chairs!

PVC-free wallpaper 

Go green and get creative with your interiors! These materials are long-lasting, colourful and detailed.

Our  creative studio love working with them! They’re odourless without any nasty chemicals -perfect for kids rooms at home as well as at work. 

Because they’re so hard wearing we’ve even used these wallpapers and wraps in commercial surroundings like restaurants and  hospitals. Perfect for brightening up more clinical environments.

Ocean Tex

Thinking about a light box? Think Ocean Tex.

Traditional light boxes get a fresh twist using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ocean Tex combines high-quality finish of back-lit textiles with various environmental benefits. If you’re searching for new, sustainable ways to create impact through light and signage, this product is the perfect fit.

PET One-way vision 

Branding on glass isn’t a new idea. But this completely green solution is!

One-way vision Self-adhesive Vinyl is designed for exterior application on glass. We use this for businesses who want to bring some bright, bold branding in their work spaces.

This vinyl is super easy to install and to uninstall when you’re looking for a quick refresh. It’s easy to print and all colours look vibrant and high definition. Great for events or campaign branding.

katz display board

Katz Board is especially designed for digital printing.

We use this super premium substrate for hanging displays, interior designs and even  free-standing display units.

Its high white surface provides awesome printing results and it’s a dream to handle, – not to mention, it’s made from natural substances to protect the environment – we couldn’t ask for better!

pongs pes mesh 

Need to wrap a building? We’ve got you (and your building) covered! – No matter the size!

With the PONGS PES Mesh, any outdoor banner application is possible. The open weave allows wind to pass through easily, making it long lasting, durable textile with awesome print quality!

We’ve been rolling this out for cover construction areas with branded graphics, providing both dust control and security. It’s also 100% recyclable!


Palboard is made from recycled lightweight foamed PVC and has an ultra-smooth surface.

The smoothness is excellent for ink-adhesion for our digital and screen-printing applications – which are super green in the way they operate and run.

It’s easy to fabricate, provides good mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance. We use it to make a wide variety of interior signs and displays. It’s also great for retail POS.

BioDegradable Vinyl

Our latest eco offering is produced from wood-pulp, a natural and renewable resource.

Bio Film is a great sustainable replacement for PVC, Polyester and Polypropylene. Due to its excellent transparency, we use it for mainly for window graphics.

It’s also great for use as thermoform packaging, an area that drastically needs to become a little greener. The vinyl can also be used anti-fog films which has loads of different applications in many industries.

Eco Board

Looking for a PVC replacement?Cygnus board is made from 100% fibre, meaning it is fully recyclable.

The eco board is resistant to water and moisture, so it is perfect for all short term signage and retail POS applications.  We even use it for hoardings.  

This environmentally friendly alternative is even compostable and biodegradable, so it is easily disposable. Forget all about plastic with Cygnus’s new eco board! Request a sample today!

Eco Canvas 

If you want to cover a wall without using PVC, we have the product for you.

Eco Canvas is a revolutionary printable wallpaper reinforced with synthetic fibres for high strength and durability. This robust product is paper based & contains 20% post-consumer waste,  helping you to achieve your goals in an environmentally friendly fashion.

It is a superior alternative to PVC coated wallcovering and is ideal for transforming any interior space.

have our green alternatives got you interested??
Start your journey to sustainability with us today!


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