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Are you planning for a sustainable 2023?

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

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As we leave 2022 behind and look toward the new year, many of us are starting to think about our New Years’ resolutions. From getting full use of your gym membership to trying out Veganuary, but have we considered creating resolutions in business as well? For us, a green agenda is a constant one, but have you thought about putting sustainable retail display at the top of your eco list?

What the Customers Want

According to the latest FirstInsight report, an increasing number of customers are prioritising sustainability when it comes to their shopping.

In fact, nearly 90% of GenX consumers said that they would be willing to pay an extra 10% for a more sustainable option, and this opinion is spreading throughout the generations.

But with recent greenwashing scandals still fresh in consumers’ minds, retailers need to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to sustainability. Take Patagonia and Levi’s as great examples of this, both of whom have received widespread attention for their commitment to the environment. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is in a position to sell their company to a sustainable charity in order to get a great score on Good on You. But one thing you can easily achieve is a more sustainable retail window displays and we’re going to tell you how.

Window Displays For the Sustainable Win

Creating a showstopping window display is a key element in getting customers into your store. After all, researchers have found that customers respond similarly to window displays as they do adverts, meaning a good one could seriously impact a customer’s engagement with your brand. But a lot of the time these displays can create unnecessary waste as unrecyclable materials are used in single-use, seasonal rotations. That’s where cardboard engineering comes in.

We can do some amazing things with cardboard, including making an entire window display. You see, cardboard, or more specifically Xanita, is made of a sustainable fibre board that is ultra-lightweight and durable, and is able to slot together effortlessly for easy ensemble. Meaning you can make your retail display vision come to life without worrying about its carbon footprint.

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Sustainable Print

Using sustainable window graphics may be the key to enticing customers to shop this year, as experts have noted that many customers still prefer in-person shopping to online on account of a better buying experience. A buying experience that is entirely based on how well you communicate your brand values with your customers, and what’s more communicative than eye-catching artwork?

Using more sustainable ink in the printing process is an easy way to boost your sustainability credentials when it comes to your retail displays. Here at Imageco, we use an HP latex printer to print colourful designs using water-based ink that gives incredible colour payoff while being non-toxic to the environment. Allowing you to create dazzlingly colourful window displays that perfectly communicate your brand with only a window decal. This can be especially useful if you don’t have enough room for large scale displays.

Take a look at our work with Leeds City Centre and up-and-coming artist Ekaterina Sheath. Here we printed stunning artworks in key retail and community areas in the historic market town using our HP Latex printer. Breathing new life to the streets using the local community as inspiration during the midst of the 2020 pandemic. All while keeping things non-toxic to the environment.

Reuse and Reduce

One trend that we predict we’ll be seeing this year is the rise of reusable retail displays. Meaning that the main bulk of your display, either window or inner store, will be a permanent fixture with a non-specific backdrop, giving you the ability to interchange accessories as we flow through the seasons. Xanita board hearts on valentine’s day, water-based ink for the Easter Bunny, Vinyl wrapped cardboard presents for some Christmas cheer, the possibilities are endless!

Our Green Credentials

Here at Imageco, we’re passionate about the environment and creating a more sustainable wide format print landscape. To do this we use less carbon-intensive materials and even carbon offset. From partnering with likeminded companies such as HP and EFI, to our Managing Director and Co-Owner, Nathan, being named an Exemplar in the Net Zero category at The Manufacturer Top 100 2022 awards, being sustainable is what we do.

To see how we can make your 2023 more sustainable contact us