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Bringing Greenery Indoors with Sustainable Interiors 

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of moss with Imageco spelled out in wood pieces

While we’re still waiting for spring to arrive and the Leeds sky continues to look a little grey, it can be hard to imagine how you can brighten up your walls to make a more welcoming interior. But what if we told you that there was a way to make your space look perfect, whilst also helping achieve your sustainability goals?  

Introducing… Imageco’s sustainable wallpaper. 


Sustainable Wallpaper Solutions with PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife FR 

Here at Imageco, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the earth in order to create a beautiful interior. That’s why we only use sustainable materials when creating our wide format print solutions. But when traditional wallpaper remains unrecyclable due to its plastic content and wall paint continues to contain toxic solvents that leach into the atmosphere long past its application, how do we ensure that our interiors remain green?  

Bring in… PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife FR.   

PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife is a new top of the line wide format print material that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability for quality. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles AKUSTICO® NewLife FR is produced using a mechanical not chemical manufacturing process that not only produces a PVC-free recyclable product but also creates significantly less CO2 emissions than your traditional wallpapers. Pair this with Imageco’s carbon neutral promise and you’re onto an eco-friendly winner.  

Oh, and did we mention that it’s flame retardant, durable, and noise cancelling? Pretty cool right?  

Keeping Things Cool  

Some spaces need specialist interiors in order to make them fit for purpose, and that includes having wallpaper that fits the bill. Not only does PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife FR help you achieve your sustainability goals but its composition means that it’s permanently flame retardant which makes it ideal for any space that experiences high heat or open flames.  

Take for example, a restaurant that features an open kitchen. As staff rush around cooking delicious meals on open top flames in full view of drooling customers, the last thing they want to be worrying about is if the food is going to set the walls alight. By using PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife FR instead of traditional wallpaper, which is often made of plant cellulose fibres or synthetic polymers that make it highly flammable, staff can minimise the chance of uncontrollable flames in a high-risk area.  


Standing The Test of Time 

When redecorating, it’s important for your interior to stand the test of time and keep looking brand new despite what life throws at it. But in environments that see high footfall and need to be constantly disinfected in order to maintain hygiene, keeping designs looking fresh is a big ask.  

Thankfully Imageco’s sustainable wallpaper offers a solution. As PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife is made from recycled water bottles woven into a fabric like structure, any wide format print design can be fully wiped down and disinfected.  

Its durable nature means it can withstand even the most brutal jet washing. Making it perfect for high pressure environments such as schools and hospitals. Giving you all the benefits of plastic with none of the unsustainable ramifications.  

Turn Down the Volume 

 Imagine this. You’re in a 5 star luxury spa having the best back massage of your life. All you can smell is eucalyptus and lavender, and all you can hear is the plinky plonky music that’s sending you into the ultimate zen state. That is until Barbara in the next room starts chatting about her weekend plans at a louder than spa appropriate volume. Not very relaxing.  

Unfortunately, that spa simply painted their rooms instead of using PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife sustainable wallpaper supplied by Imageco, and therefore couldn’t benefit from its ability to optimise room acoustics using sound absorbing textile. If they had used sustainable wallpaper, not only would their customers feel more zen knowing that their spa trip contributed to the environment, but also that every room was soundproofed giving them top level privacy.  


Eco Options 

Our sustainable wallpaper doesn’t begin and end with PONGS AKUSTICO® NewLife. We also have our Eco Wall Canvas, who’s green credentials are twofold. Not only is our Eco Wall Canvas made from recycled plastic bottles, but we have partnered with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to plant one tree per 10m2 sold.  

Creating sustainable interiors also doesn’t stop at the materials used, at Imageco, we go that one step further and ensure that we are also printing with HP Latex ink. The latest water-based HP Latex inks are designed to avoid the hazards associated with other inks. This ink formula is combined with wetting agents and humectants needed for printhead reliability (which, incidentally, your home printer also uses) to produce a liquid ink vehicle that carries latex polymer and pigment particles to and through the printer’s printheads onto the substrate. Radiant heat and forced airflow evaporate the liquid and activate the polymers, binding the pigments and substrate together to leave a durable image on the print media surface. Prints are ready to use, even laminate, immediately.  

And guess what else? It’s vegan and FULLY recyclable. 


One Stop Shop 

Here at Imageco, we don’t just create stunning sustainable interiors, our in-house expert team also performs nationwide installs to make sure that your wallpaper looks perfect. Installation is the final piece of the puzzle in any design, and we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach that will enable your wide format print to look as good in real life as it does on paper. 

 To guarantee we get your vision right the first time round, we will always recommend a full site survey as part of our installation process. We can even provide comprehensive prototypes of your finished product to ensure it’s everything you’re dreaming of prior to fitting. 

 On top of this, our nationwide installation team works around the clock to fit into your schedule and create minimal disruption to your business. So you can keep serving customers when it suits you. 

Looking to revamp your space with a sustainable edge? Get in contact with our team today to see how we can transform your vision into reality.