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Changing Seasons? Change Your Space With Custom Signage

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

SEW Eurodrive office with bespoke signage and a green wall

We are well and truly in the season of spring; the daffodils are out and the sun (although only for a minute) is shining. Spring as a season has always had a lot of connotations to renew or refresh. It hosts the spring clean, and this is of course when you get out the marigolds and clean your house to an inch of its life, but often people take it as an opportunity to refresh their space, for example, splashing a new coat of paint onto drab walls. This same approach can be applied in business space, from an office to a hospitality venue. As we embrace this new season and approach the warmer months you can take the opportunity to breathe new life into your space.


How to Utilise Custom Signage in Your Space

Signage is a highly effective way to revitalise your space, both internally and externally. It can be applied in so many different ways and adapted to the needs of your space, from the colour, the size, the material used or even adding illumination techniques.


Signage Built for Branding

Probably the first and foremost reason to consider implementing signage is for a form of branding, and it is a brilliant option. The versatility that is offered by signage means it can be made completely bespoke to your brand, from your hex codes to your fonts, so it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in a space. Signage doesn’t just have to be one sign on the outside of your building either, it can span much further than this, incorporating your brand name yes, but also elements to convey a brand message or values and even showcase a particular product/solution.


Take SEW-EURODRIVE as an example. SEW-EURODRIVE is a world-leading specialist in automation technology and they sought our help to revitalise their reception area which was previously very bland and dull. Our installation incorporated signage, a green wall, and other forms of wide format print, and the final solution transformed their reception space into a striking yet calming environment that captured the attention of any visitors.


Find Your Way with Wayfinding Signage

Aside from a brand feature, signage can also offer functional properties such as easily navigating visitors through a space. If done well, they are an excellent way to build a strong visitor experience. This type of signage works in environments that have larger footfalls or are complex to navigate without assistance, and these constant brand elements can show guests around your space with ease. Signage for this format would include directional arrows, clear signs for chosen destinations, or directories for locations across the building.


Emerging Signage Trends

What to reinvent, but not sure where to start? Then take a look at a few trends that have been emerging in the sector for inspiration.


  1. Vibrancy & Light -As we approach the lighter months, you can use your new signage as a way to lean into the light. You could introduce pastels or vibrant hues that naturally bounce light to make your space look brighter and even more spacious.
  2. Minimalist Design – Minimalism is having a mini-revival in print and design. This trend incorporates clean lines, modest typography, and simple colour palettes that convey a message in a simple yet effective way. This trend would align with a brand that has a readable font and utilises simple shapes.
  3. Natural-looking Materials – This trend has emerged in correlation to the increase in brands wanting to convey their sustainable message. Signage will be made from or look like natural materials such as wood or stone with organic textures. This trend could work for those that are inherently a sustainable business or offer a sustainable solution/service.


How Imageco Can Craft Your Custom Signage

Imageco has years of experience curating signage that embodies brands and creates an undeniable presence in any space. The sky is truly the limit, just imagine it and we will find a way to create it. We offer a truly end-to-end service, beginning with unique creative delivered by our in-house graphic designers and finishing with our expert team of installers mounting your custom signage onto your walls.

If you are interested in refreshing your space this season with custom signage, then get in touch with our dedicated experts.