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Christmas POS: 4 Top Tips

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Christmas POS displays in a shopping centre

Christmas will be here before we know it. Snowflakes might not be falling yet, but who says we have to wait until December to get into the holiday spirit? At Imageco, we’re ready to deck the halls with Christmas POS and window displays. In 2022, we saw more and more shoppers returning to in-store shopping as online sales fell. And shoppers’ returning to physical stores makes POS crucial for brands. 


Is it Too Early to Start Thinking About Christmas POS? 

In short, the answer is no. By starting the planning process early, you get a head start on brainstorming ideas, designing visuals, coordinating with suppliers and ensuring a well-executed presentation. It guarantees you sufficient time for implementation, reducing last-minute stress and ensuring seamless execution. Ultimately, putting in the time and effort now allows you to create stunning displays that attract and engage customers, setting the stage for success in the busy shopping seasons ahead. 


Standing Out from the Christmas Crowd  

John Lewis and Hamleys are among the major players in the Christmas window displays game. Every year, visitors from across the globe gather in London to witness the grand unveiling. But there’s a reason behind the bright lights and glitzy displays and it’s all about getting customers attention. Experts have suggested that POS and window displays need to attract attention within 3 seconds and hold customers’ interest long enough to move the person to action and enter the store. 

To make your mark in this festive season, it’s time to get creative and guarantee that your window display shines brightly amidst the tough Christmas competition. With that being said, how can you stand out in this crowd? 

Made in Santa's Workshop

Our ideas for exciting Christmas POS: 

1. Tree-mendous Window Displays  

Nothing shouts Christmas more than holly, mistletoe and evergreen conifers! Why not incorporate these into your Christmas POS? Nothing gets engagement like Instagram-worthy feature pieces, and Christmassy fashionable foliage can be a brilliant way of gaining traction. We’re experts in all things floral design at Imageco if you’re wanting a traditional touch this Christmas. 

2. Creating a Board-erline Magical Experience! 

Cardboard displays are an excellent low-waste option to create exciting Christmas POS and window displays. With the help of our cardboard engineering elves, we can craft a showstopping sustainable window display.  

To give our cardboard displays an extra edge, we use Xanita board. It’s a great way to lessen the environmental effect of your display. Xanita is a fully recycled and recyclable paper-based substrate and is perfect to make displays out of. We’ve used cardboard and Xanita loads of times before on various projects – like the one with Antalis to create a sustainable ‘street’ event stand where we made a bike entirely out of cardboard.  

3. Sparkle and Shine with Stand-out Lighting 

In 2022, we saw stunning light displays from the likes of Harrods and Cartier. Lighting has continued to be a big POS trend for 2023 but at Christmas, it’s going to take more than some fairy lights to stand out from the crowd. At Imageco, we offer LED halo lettering which creates a stunning illuminated impact, perfect for Christmas displays. With different styles and colours to choose from, you can really bring Christmas displays for retail, bars and restaurants to life! 

4. I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year but, it’s often also the most wasteful time of the year. An estimated 114,000 tonnes of plastic goes to landfill around the festive period in the UK – that’s not very jolly in our opinion! But there are changes that can be made to make sure that your POS and window displays are sustainable this winter.  

We have loads of ideas for a sustainable Christmas at Imageco. For example, reversible stands are great for changing things up while also being eco-friendly. So, you could easily swap your Halloween POS for your Christmas POS without the need to throw them away after each holiday. This way is much more sustainable because it produces so much less waste! If you’re looking for a little inspiration, look no further than our recent work with Dr. Martens on some reversible POS that’s been rolled out all across Europe! 

At Imageco we’re always really excited about our amazing HP latex printer which prints using water-based white ink! It can print on PVC-free vinyl and even polyester. Water-based ink is better for the planet, and it has a nice finish – what’s not to love! So, any POS and window display ideas you have in mind can be made eco-friendly easily.  

Contact our Elves  

Christmas seems to start earlier every year, so don’t wait too long to get started on your Christmas POS and window displays! Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or are needing a little bit more help, we’d love to make all your Christmas dreams come true! Get in contact with our expert Elves.