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Coming Up in Leeds

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of Leeds Arcade shopping area

With us being given the green light on the 19th of July to finally get back into the swing of things, we are so excited to see Leeds bouncing back to its usual busy and colourful self. We work in a city where we’re rarely lacking something to do, whether it be a food and film festival, music gigs or exhibitions. So, it could be said that the past year and a half has felt more than strange with quiet streets and events restricted to online. But finally, we can all get back to doing what we do best, and we want to begin by looking at some of the upcoming events across the city in the next few months.

What’s going on?

Leeds has always been huge in the indie music industry, an area we’ve worked in before with our Indie Initiative project with Crash Records. Leeds is home to some of the best (in our possibly biased opinion) venues in the country, with even Leeds University having three stages with regular gigs playing. There is a great range of performances going on from now until the end of the year. It’s an exciting time for festival goers for the restrictions to be lifted, as it now means that the infamous Leeds Festival can go ahead this year after being cancelled in 2020.

One thing we’re never short of in Leeds is a good event, although some are remaining online for now, Leeds still has some exciting things worth adding to your calendar. Just in the next month we have the Film and Food Fest, International Beer Festival, Circus Zyair and even Thought Bubble, along with many more making an appearance in the city.

Leeds Festival

Prepping Away

With the constant unknown of whether we would be leaving lockdowns behind, we know many event organisers are scrambling to create an amazing event in limited time. So, here are our top recommendations on where to get started!

Event Stands

A show stopping stand draws in potential customers at your next exhibition or conference. You need to wow your audience and intrigue them enough that they want to learn more. Interactive stands, like the work we did at Hark’s exhibition, are always a hit as people are able to get involved and contribute rather than by a by-stander. We can cater for all kind of stands from pop up displays to custom and modular stands.


An event isn’t an event without signage. Whether that be directional, decorative or social distancing signage for those choosing to keep this in place at their events. There is huge scope on what signage you could put in place at your event and, if you’re feeling a little lost on where to begin, it’s always worth working with a company who will help you through! We can do wall signs, pylon signs, sidewalk signs, roll-up banners, window and floor graphics and much more.

Wide Format Print

Venues need to be bright and bold. One of the best ways to fill spaces could be by adding large prints and imagery! With the right technology and expertise, huge spaces can be filled and your event will captivate everyone around.


Sustainability will always be at the heart of what we do at Imageco and it should always be something you consider for events spaces. We host an extensive range of eco-friendly materials; we use less carbon-intensive production methods and even carbon-offset. By partnering with companies like HP and EFI, we are printing in a more sustainable way than ever and all of our dibond, acrylic, card and PVC roll waste goes away for recycling. Keep it green at your next event.

At Imageco we can produce tailor made signage, stands and more. Our in-house design, print and finishing services mean we can manage every aspect of a design project from start to finish. We work in collaboration with our clients to produce unique designs tailored to their needs and can carry the project through the entire development stage, all the way down to the logistics. Our nationwide installation team also means we can install and remove everything, meaning you never have to lift a finger!

If you would be interested in working with us on any upcoming events, please contact us!