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How to Create the Perfect Event – A Halston & Imageco Guide

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Things are finally back open and events are allowed to go forward as normal! Since everyone has been out of the loop for a little while, we have teamed up with Halston Marketing to put together a guide on how to create the perfect event! With Halston’s expertise on event planning, execution and marketing and our expertise we will be giving you tips on how to stand out at any event you attend. 

Get your sales literature sorted 

A brochure is a must to begin promoting your product or service. These should be appealing enough to grab people’s attention to pick up a copy, but the content needs to be highly relevant, interesting to readers at the chosen event and reflect your brand identity. It should contain detailed information around your product or services in an engaging way and always having strong CTA to make people want to find out more.  

Brochures need to be the perfect combination of great imagery and design, interesting content and created with high quality materials (and in our opinion it would be better if you could do this sustainably).   

Get your speaker slot lined up  

Make sure you secure your company a speaking slot. This could possibly one of the biggest takeaway tips we can give you as attendance to speaker slots at events is often higher than the number of people perusing stands.  

Speaking slots are an opportunity for you to passionately convey your message, gain brand awareness and get in front of a huge group of potential customers. You should negotiate your speaker slot before paying for your event space, as this gives you the upper hand in negotiations to source a great speaking opportunity.    

Takeaway Eco Treats  

We all know that one thing people love is a freebie. Consider putting together a fun paper takeaway bag full of small bits and pieces that relate to your product or services if you can fit it into your budget. A great thing about a goodie bag is that you can also fill it with some sales literature and business cards so you know that attendees will remember you and will find it easy to contact you. Make sure to keep your goodie bags filled with eco friendly treats!

Prep your PR 

Ensure you make time to get your PR opportunities planned out. There are opportunities for PR placements both before and after your event and you should look to have these placed in industry magazines. Focus any pre-event articles on what you plan to do the event, any speaking slots and most importantly, make it sound unmissable.  

 You should also look to negotiate PR opportunities with the event hosts, and you can do this by looking to feature on their website via blog content or news releases. It’s also a great way to increase relevant backlinks back to your website. 

Show stopping stands and signage 

A show stopping stand or events space will always be the biggest draw for any attendees. At Imageco we have scope to collaborate with our clients from start to finish to create anything you could dream of. From interactive stands to huge floral displays, we’ve really pushed the boat out to make the most quirky and unique designs we can. Keeping your attendees excited and entertained is key and the best way to do this is with an exciting environment, which is our speciality! 

Those were our key takeaways to make any event an unforgettable success! If you have any questions or need any help on marketing or executing your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us or Halston Marketing.