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Office Branding Inspiration

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Space Wall Design and Graphic

Imagine being placed in a featureless, colourless environment for days on end. Sound good? We didn’t think so either. It’s time to put some colour back into your life, give your plain walls a new look and wrap your office walls with a bespoke custom designed print and get some office branding going!

Nobody wants to go to work somewhere they don’t enjoy being. Create an environment that you can be proud of, that your team want to spend time, and reap the benefits of a reinvigorated workforce.

The Immense Possibilities

We have done our fair share of office rebrands, so we know a good one when we see it. The very best don’t do things in half measures, they go all out. One of our favourite examples is the Doka facility, they had just moved into a new office and needed the place decking out to look like their home. We happily obliged. We installed huge external signage and flags to let customers know exactly where they were, then we installed massive wide format print features on the internal windows, on the break room wall, and on the hallways. These prints were highly durable to withstand years of use and still look brand new. They were printed using our high tech Efi Vutek GS3250LX Ultradrop Pro to make sure they looked stunning from the very start.

Of course, each office needs to have its individuality. That’s why we always use custom designs based on your brand, you can either create your own designs or you can work with our expert designers to come up with a feature using the best digital printing equipment that really makes your office wall pop. Our team are highly skilled at using our digital system to print directly onto materials to create a stunning piece of artwork.

Being experts in all thing’s signage and print, we can design and print a vast array of interior and exterior graphics to give your brand a holistic look and feel. When customers see that you have gone the extra mile and thought of the little details like branded health and safety notices and directional notices to go with your much larger stand out visual features, they will understand the care and attention that’s gone into it.


Big and Small, We Can Do The Lot

From small independent offices to huge national rollouts for corporate offices, we can do the lot. We also specialise in project management and installation; our highly skilled technicians have vast experience in completing jobs up and down the country in tight timeframes, made easier with our state-of-the-art printing equipment, allowing us to print in a fraction of the time it would have taken us previously. Wherever and whenever you need an office rebrand. Give us a ring, to get your brand noticed.


Office Wallpaper

Green Walls

Sustainability is a big issue, rightly so, we believe that it’s everyone responsibility to use environmentally friendly materials. That’s why we offer eco alternatives to every traditional material out there. Take advantage of this and have your office rebranded using completely sustainable methods and materials. A few notable choices are; CMYUK Ufabrik recycled wallpaper, a wallpaper that’s made entirely from ocean-bound plastic bottles. Our HP Latex printer can print on to an array of FSC approved wall coverings and using an ink that is made from 70% water, making it completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. Biodegradable vinyl that’s produced from wood-pulp, a natural and renewable resource.  If you’re looking for a company to manage an office redesign, restaurant refresh or even a school revamp, we have the in-house capabilities to bring your design, print and install ideas to life.

Eco Wallpaper

Give us a shout to rebrand your space from one-off interiors to national office rollouts we can do the lot. We can do the lot!