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Shape Up Your Signage

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Exterior Signage

Signage is a business’s calling card, if it starts to look shabby, so do they. Don’t let this happen to your business. When businesses neglect signage and allow it to get faded and tired, they lose that shine that separates them from their competitors. Take pride in your name and shape up your signage.   

Signage is often the first thing prospective customers see, it can be the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity. From Exterior to Interior, a high-quality sign lets people see how much you value your business, and in turn theirs. As the saying goes, you can’t redo a first impression, so let your sign get it right. Let your prospective clients see how you take pride in your work and stand for absolute quality never accepting anything less.  

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Signage! 

The best examples of signage come from those who understand their market and their customers, giving them the ability to get creative. A unique sign that uses your brands USP will forever stick in the minds of those who see it. Signage is a fantastic way to market your brand for passing footfall, take the huge Emirates Airbus A380 parked on the roundabout at the entrance to Heathrow, it catches the attention of thousands of motorists each day. A unique and creative on brand message that maximises impact. By working with Imageco, we can help you to achieve similar creative ideas. 


Outdoor Signage


Exterior signage is supposed to be bold and to get noticed. Take a look at what we did for Doka, their name is in huge bold lettering 30ft in the air, surrounded by the beautiful yellow background of Doka. That’s getting noticed from miles away and recognised instantly. To do this well, question where it’s going to be placed, and who can see it. If the answer isn’t front and centre and everybody, then change it.  


MotorMatch Car Signage


Interior signage is a different story, the aim is to be tasteful and on-brand. You’ve already done the hard part and got the potential customers inside, now you want to make them feel relaxed and inspired by the interior designs. Our in-house design team have had vast experience working with clients to make sure that our designs are on-brand, take the LGI’s Clarendon wing for example. This children’s hospital needed to be exciting and colourful, so our team put together huge graphics that included robots and racing cars to instil a sense of fun, in a place that needs it the most.  

Constant Refresh  

To keep your brand fresh in the eyes of customers, you must keep your signage fresh. In the same way that the endless DFS sale has stopped many of us paying attention to their offers, signage has to be something new for us to stop and admire. Rather than being a stale feature than many of us are blind to, due to oversaturation.  

Newer signage can be a way to work towards sustainability goals, with advances in eco-friendly materials paving the way for signage firms to reinvent the ways they provide a service. With more energy efficient lighting being available and more sustainable materials being designed, such as Ocean Tex, the innovative new material that’s made from recycled plastic, and even the incorporation of living plants into signage that creates a statement about your view on sustainability.  

Signage Install

What’s New in Signage?  

Advances in signage are happening routinely in the industry, from digital advertising and light boxes to holographic spinning images. As an industry, it’s constantly evolving, and it’s clear that there’s no way to plan for the future because no one can predict this rapidly shifting enterprise.   

Freestanding Signage

To keep up to date with everything that’s happening in signage visit our news page or talk to us about how we can refresh your signage. Get In Touch!