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The Future of Exhibitions

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Cardboard Engineering Exhibition Stand for Imageco

Conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions are worth over £30 billion to the UK economy, so understandably those involved are keen to get them back into action. 25,000 businesses rely on these events to meet new faces, and some old ones too to keep their business supplied with customers. 

Covid-19 has brought this industry, like so many others, to a sharp halt. To get back on track the events industry has been working flat out on solutions to overcome the current challenges. 

The restart of exhibitions will hopefully be in sight after the new year, and to prepare for this we took stock and evaluated what the future of exhibitions could look like, and how we could help. 

Capped Crowds 


A capped capacity is the most likely scenario for the return of exhibitionsGone are the days of thousands of potential customers squeezing into event spaces, with these hordes of people being replaced by the lucky few who book well in advance… or know the man on the door! 

 To cope with this, your signage and exhibition stands need to be at their very best to pique the interest of the select visitors. Our in-house design team recognise this and work to understand your very essence to provide you with tip-top event marketing material. Don’t let your opportunity go missing by getting lost in the crowd. Let us help you stand out. 


One Way In – One Way Out 


The easiest prediction we can make is the introduction and enforcement of a one-way system. A technique the retail industry has tried and tested for our benefit. Thanks, Morrisons! Keeping the collective moving in the same direction minimises contact and improves the chances of social distancing. 

The use of clear and present signage in coordination with floor markings help the smooth operation of the one-way system. Our social distancing range includes free-standing public information signage and PVC-Free floor markings that are easy to apply and can be completely customised, making it perfect to keep your visitors safe and brand your exhibition when you get the chance.  

Taking this one step further, we suggest pairing this safety technique with free-standing hand sanitisers at frequent intervals, and at every entrance to the space. We can make this an opportunity for branding, by providing you with bespoke sanitiser stations with the event logo and copy on. 


Taking the Indoors, Outdoors 


The spread of the novel virus is limited when outdoors. That’s why we believe events will be allowed to return much quicker if presented as an outdoor activity, just look at the first concert to take place in 2020, outdoors and socially distant. In doing this, event organisers can host a much safer space for visitors, leading to increased popularity and improved turnout.   

Our extensive experience in indoors and outdoors signage can prove a valuable asset when discussing the opportunities that organisers have when planning such a hybrid exhibition. We understand how difficult it can be to get the marketing material right in such diverse environments, we recommend using a hard-wearing, durable solution that also transports well and looks stunning to use inside. Perfect to put up with the English weather, while looking sharp day after day. If you need a helping hand, our exhibition project managers can guide you every step of the way. 

While exhibitions make their return, use examples from businesses that are doing it well, seek answers from those succeeding and cross your fingers for the reopening of trade shows, we hope to see you all soon!  

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