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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Eco Floral print displays

The UK alone produces over 30 million tonnes of household waste every year. That’s the equivalent of over 92 thousand Boeing 747s at full capacity! This alarming statistic got us thinking, how can we reduce our impacts on the planet and convince our customers to opt for more eco substrates?

To find the answer, we had to revert back to our sustainable ethos. At Imageco, we strive to offer our customers the most innovative solutions, while minimising our impacts on the environment.

Recently, we’ve expanded our sustainable offering by introducing new eco-focused products and working with likeminded manufacturers to promote the importance of sustainable substrates. Read on to discover a selection of our most innovative green solutions.

Revolutionising Fibreboard with Xanita

Unlike your average fibreboard, Xanita Board is engineered from the fibres recovered from recycled and used cardboard boxes. As a versatile and repulpable alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable rigid or foam-filled plastic sheeting, Xanita is innovative solution, capable of enhancing your brand’s sustainable image.

There’s a type of Xanita board for every occasion. Xanita Kraft is a lightweight paper board, with excellent stability and flat panel properties. Xanita Print is a natural fibre-based board with a recycled Kraft core, sandwiched in-between printable white Kraft liners.

Both forms of Xanita support direct print and can be shaped to suit a vast array of applications. So, whether you’re creating bespoke POS displays or going sustainable with your latest exhibition stand, Xanita is a fantastic way of demonstrating that your business is mindful of the environment.

Making a Difference to Display with Dispa Board

Dispa Display Board delivers strength and durability in an environmentally-friendly package. In contrast to traditional display boards, Dispa is a 100% recyclable paper designed specifically for internal embossing.

Dispa Board delivers excellent printing results for POS signage, free-standing or hanging displays, interior design and more. And because Dispa Display Board is designed with recyclability in mind, once it’s purpose has been fulfilled, it can be recycled in your blue bin – no restrictions, no unnecessary fuss. Dispa Display Board goes a long way in enhancing a business’ environmental credentials.

Making Plastic Purposeful with Ocean Tex

Ocean Tex gives traditional lightboxes and TFS frames a fresh twist. Using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, Ocean Tex combines the high-quality finish of our back-lit textiles with various environmental benefits.

As brands search for new ways to create impact through light and signage, it’s mandatory that the industry keeps innovating and pushing new boundaries.

The development of Ocean Tex benefits businesses in more ways than one. As well as appealing to today’s eco-conscious consumers, Ocean Tex offers businesses a new way to bridge the gap between quality and ethics.

Ocean Tex

Discover how our eco-conscious solutions can up the sustainability of your business. Get in contact with one of our team.