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The Sign of a Good School

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough


We all remember our time at school, whether they were cherished memories, or we would prefer to forget them, none of us can deny that the signage we had in our schools became quickly outdated and was virtually invisible within weeks. Making them ineffective and left the place looking tired and boring.

This mindset is not one that fosters the love of learning. Routinely renewed signage and updated wall graphics can breathe inspiration, and creativity into pupils.

Why Does a School Need Signage?

Having hundreds of young adults in attendance is an opportunity to form a cohesive community, you want to create a mindset in their minds that they belong to an exclusive club. Use signage to do this, by celebrating their achievements with pride and creating a communal identity through carefully placed and designed branding.

Schools are for learning, why not take advantage of your bare walls in the classroom and apply an educational print to the surface to inform students and keep them engaged in the lessons. Wide-format print is excellent for this purpose as its highly customisable and easy to apply.

School is where we learn timekeeping and organisation skills. We have to keep to our schedules and make our classes on time. Navigational signage is vital for helping students traverse your sprawling facility. In addition to this, it’s important to include safety signage, keeping them safe from harm is a school’s top priority. Make sure your safety signage is up to date, highly visible, and fire and damage-proof.

Unfortunately, fire safety signage isn’t the only necessity in schools for 2020. Covid-19 still hangs over establishments like these threatening staff and student’s health. We offer a range of protective signage that displays instructions on how to remain socially distant and reminds viewers to wear a mask. We can also offer free-standing sanitiser stations to kill the virus on contact.

School Signage for Events

Schools are run like businesses in the 21st century, to attract the best customers (students) they have to clearly identify and transmit their offering on open days, with their USP’s and their mission statement. Signage is a great way to do that. Prospective pupils and observant parents are always looking for their next institution, give them a reason to look, with brand new signage.

The bigger the show, the more people sit up and take notice. When you have the opportunity to bring outside individuals into your school through events, sports days, open days, or shows, take advantage of your captive audience and use signage to make them want to send their child there.

Options to Consider

Wide-format print is an easy to apply, affordable to replace medium that you can use to decorate your school in the most creative and branded fashion. We print our designs, or yours, directly onto ultra-sustainable materials such as PVC-free wallpaper, which applies to almost any surface. Perfect for classrooms and hallways, where students spend a lot of time and would benefit most from renewed signage. You can see what we mean from our work with the Laisterdyke Academy.

Window graphics are a great way to create a separate space from the outside while avoiding blocking natural light. We can again create completely bespoke designs to apply to your windows. These utilise lost space and turn the room into a calming, distraction-free learning area. You can see our work in the Doka offices.

Short term signage like these, that are easy to apply and replace are useful for encouraging an ever-refreshed environment. To generate a more effective brand image, schools also need to consider more permanent branded name signage that tells the world who you are. Signage that students and faculty can be proud of. These can sit on gates, or on walls facing the entrance, welcoming visitors and returning students to the premise. We can use laser cut aluminium with LED to create more impressive looking nameplate signs for your school, to really make a good first impression.

To discuss the opportunities for signage in your school talk to the team.