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Thinking outside the building

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Overhead view of Leeds

We’re going to be a bit controversial here, our walk to work used to be very boring. Not because of the dull Yorkshire sky, and not because our favourite podcast only updates once a week, but because we had to walk past the same grey building, the same run-down billboard, and the same boring outdoor printing space every morning.  

Not the best way to start your day. 

Here at Imageco we don’t believe that beautiful designs are only for your interiors, we believe that your outside environment should be just as good. Whether it’s to cover up empty spaces, show eye-catching advertisements, or to create an engaging experience for potential customers, using outdoor printing is a great way to spice up your space.  

Lookin’ good

First impressions are important, and we all know that when it comes to sustaining your brand it is essential to catch people’s attention right away. So how are you going to do that when all of your branding is inside your office? 

Well, you’re not.  

Clear and eye-catching outdoor branding is a surefire way of promoting footfall and traffic to your business and can even have a practical effect on your space. Informative signage can create an easy flow to your building, while outdoor decals can fill up empty windows or spaces that would otherwise cast a negative shadow on your look.  

Take a look at how we rejuvenated Leeds City Centre using Ekaterina Sheath’s amazing artwork. Here empty shops were given an upgrade using bright, colourful prints that brought life back to the cobbles of Briggate and into the bustling glass house of Trinity. 

Leeds City Centre Mural

Water resistant/ UV resistant

But when we live in a country where it rains 149 days a year, how can you make sure your outdoor printing vision will withstand the temperamental British elements?   

Our outdoor artwork is printed using HP Latex water-based ink with a top PVC-free laminate, meaning not only is it completely free of harmful chemicals and pollutants, but it is also resistant to UV and water damage.  

Innovative spaces

In outdoor spaces the opportunity for creating innovative and engaging installations are endless.  Our work with Hennessy and the NBA saw the UK’s first floating basketball court in the River Thames in London. In partnership with OFF SET Workshop and Star Live, this court was part of the “Courts Beyond Limits” project which not only created a memorable advertising space for the brands but also an event space for the NBA’s 27th anniversary season.  

Spaces such as these present a great way to advertise your brand beyond a standard billboard. It also allows you to showcase aspects of your brand that would otherwise be hidden from the typical passing customer or client.  

After all, everyone’s going to remember a floating basketball court!  


Keeping it green

When looking at changing our wider environment, we need to also look at sustainability. You can’t just go around wrapping buildings in any old material, you might as well staple colourful plastic bags to your walls. You must be smart in order to help our planet.  

At Imageco we put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, you could say that we’re green to the core. We use less carbon-intensive production methods and even carbon offset wherever possible, including our HP Latex Printer which uses water inks which don’t contain any toxic solvents.  

And not to brag, but we are certified Carbon Neutral by Carbon Quota. So, you don’t have to worry about your project’s carbon footprint when it comes to outdoor printing. 

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