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What is Wide Format Print

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Wide Format Print

Wide format print is everywhere, you see it from your trip to the supermarket to attending festivals and events. The reason for its super widespread adoption is simple, it can be used on some many different surfaces to print on solid and rigid materials such as Xanita board and recycled yarn fabrics. It means large format printing can be used for all kinds of unusual projects.

Wide format print is the creation of large canvas structures that are printed either with a roll-on method, or by inkjet technology. We aim to print as sustainably as possible, so our preferred method of printing is on wide format sheets, using HP’s latex technology. It uses inks made with 70% water that use no harmful bonding chemicals, its 100% safe to use indoors and can be disposed of safely without releasing any dangerous chemicals.

Where Can You Use It?

As such a versatile offering, wide format print can be used anywhere, such as;

  • Trade shows and exhibitions, as seen in our Zoflora The wide format of the medium allows businesses to extend their advertising and branding across huge areas, to bring potential clients to the stand.
  • POS, the ultra-high-quality images that can be printed lend itself to selling products and services. Your customers will associate the high-quality printing with a high-quality product. As seen in our top-secret work for top UK supermarkets.
  • Launch events, the bright vibrant images burst from the canvas, making it perfect to catch the eye of prospective customers.
  • Branding opportunities, wherever you want to shout about your brand, wide format print is perfect for it. Be it in the office or in the shop or restaurant, wide format print will tick every box.

It’s also suitable for both indoors and outdoors use due to the hard-wearing material that we can print onto. Even the Great British weather doesn’t faze our print jobs.

Examples of Wide Format Print

Where do we start with this?! We have absolutely tons of examples. Luckily a few stick out more than the rest. As a Leeds based printer, one of the more recent examples of work with the HP Latex Ink that we’re quite proud of is the wall coverings for Leeds General Infirmary’s Clarendon Wing. For this project we printed 2500 m2 of vinyl. From dinosaurs and robots to cars and trains, we installed exciting graphics to inspire creativity. We used Latex Ink to ensure the children weren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals at any point.

Another one of our Leeds print projects is the Leeds United pop-up museum. Now, being huge Leeds fans this one was a real treat for us. We installed stunning wide format print graphics to the walls to showcase the club’s glory days. Including huge 13-foot ceiling to floor ultra-high definition graphics of some of the stars of yesteryear, such as Lucas Radebe and Gordon Strachan. We chose to use wide format print because of the amazing qualities it brings, the lightweight canvas is printed with an ultra-high definition image and can be applied to almost any surface and looks of the highest quality.

Looking to discuss opportunities to use wide format print in your business? Get in touch with our team today!