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Jazz up your Window Displays with Cardboard Engineering

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Nothing draws people into your store quite like a beautiful, eye-catching window display. It’s the first impression customers will have of your store and if done correctly, will have people flooding through your doors. Whether you’re planning your summer displays, or thinking ahead to a Christmas show stopper, you can jazz up your next display in an eco-way with Cardboard Engineering. (If you’re new here, you find out all about what cardboard engineering is here).  

Creating Showstopping Window Displays

Pulling out all the stops for your window display can be the difference between someone being drawn into your store or walking on by. Researchers have found that consumers typically respond to store windows similarly to adverts, rather than in the same way they would respond to a merchandising display. They motivate consumers to engage in a shopping experience rather than promoting specific products. So rather than a focus on products, your window displays should focus on selling your brand.  

Keep your customer at the heart of the design and consider how you can evoke a feeling or connection with your brand experience that would make them want to shop with you.  

Incorporating Cardboard Engineering

Structures created through cardboard engineering are incredibly strong and high quality so can be used to build just about anything you would need. The cardboard structures are all designed to slot together in such a way that they can hold up a great amount of weight. 

We can develop structures made from Xanita, a sustainable fibre board which is ultra-lightweight and much stronger than traditional fibre board. For added strength, we can also utilise fluted card, which has all the planet-friendly benefits of other cardboard, with the added benefit of great structural strength.  

Entire displays can be created from cardboard engineering, or you can add smaller eco elements such as furniture pieces or individual stands. Basically, whether you want to implement an entire stand in cardboard engineering or the smallest pieces, the possibilities are endless.  

As an extra added benefit, the way these structures slot together and the lightweight properties of the materials make it extra easy to build, in fact one person could build the entire thing by themselves! 

The Green Bits

Structures built through cardboard engineering are great to boost your sustainability credentials as it incredibly high quality so can be used again and again, but when you do decide you are finished with your signage, it is entirely recyclable.  

Cardboard is one of the few materials which actually remains of high-quality after recycling, so it can be recycled many times over. Structures created by our cardboard engineer will be designed in a way where they slot together and no other adhesives are needed, meaning there are no harmful elements to the recycling process. 

Here to Help

Taking flat materials and producing amazing 3D structures and visual pieces is a real skill, and that is why we hire only the best engineers for the job! Make your dreams come true through the art of cardboard engineering. And the creativity that comes with designing and developing a window display is what our guys do best.  

We have a seemingly endless list of what we can do with cardboard engineering, so if you’re looking for a partner to help pull together your next sustainable project, get in contact with our team.