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3 Ways to Get Ahead of the Easter POS Rush

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Different coloured easter eggs in a basket as part of a stores Easter POS.

Easter is a huge holiday for both retailers and hospitality businesses’ alike. In 2021, spending over the Easter period in the UK hit £1.22 billion, with a 7.6% increase in grocery sales in the three weeks before Easter Sunday, bringing in an extra £556 million. This emphasises the need for careful planning for Point of Sale (POS) displays during the Easter season. Due to the high level of consumer activity, it’s essential to plan and get POS displays ready to go.


Unlocking Easter Success with Early Planning

For Easter POS success, it’s important to start early. No matter what sector your business is in, you need displays and promotions to attract your customers during the Easter period. Restaurants and cafes adjust menus and signage, while retail shops focus on window displays and merchandising. Early preparation is crucial for these promotions to influence customers in advance and meet their needs effectively, creating a positive Easter experience.

But how can you get ahead of the Easter POS rush? Not to worry! We have 3 cracking ways to get you started.


  1. Speed Efficiency

At Imageco, we’re wide format print ‘egg-sperts’. Our ability to swiftly handle jobs is due to our exceptional print arsenal. With advanced printing technologies and efficient processes, we ensure quick turnaround times for our clients. This advantage allows us to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality prints ready for exactly when you need them.

Our recent purchase, the Nyala 4 flatbed printer from swissQprint, can help with just that. This wide format printer is speedy and efficient with a printing speed of 206m²/h, allowing for quick turnarounds and a competitive advantage. The Nyala 4 can work through multiple shifts, ensuring flexibility and delivery that’s dead-on time. It also has the bonus of being able to print on any POS materials. Its 1350dpi resolution maintains high-quality prints without sacrificing any clarity. By integrating the Nyala 4 into our operations, we can streamline production. To deliver incredible POS displays to promote your stockpile of Easter eggs.


  1. Spring Inspired

In the Easter POS rush, it’s crucial to stand out and separate yourself from the competition. Spring-inspired floral designs are beautiful way of capturing the Easter symbolism of ‘new life.’ Our in-house floral expert, Dulcie, is ready to bring your spring ambitions to life.

Opt for a unique POS display to inject a fun element. At Imageco, our blooms go beyond boundaries! You can go as big and as bold as you like! We can help demand attention of vibrant blooms that really make a statement. We also don’t play favourites with fresh or artificial flowers; we use both! Meaning we can create striking floral displays that last.

See just how big you can go with our recent work with SEW-Eurodrive’s green wall in their Normanton reception!


  1. Nationwide Install

To get a job done to an ‘egg-straordinary’ level, you’ve come to the right place. Our efficient team can quickly install graphics, signage, and stands for your POS projects of any size and location. We work around the clock to ensure a fast retail rollout without compromising quality. Installation is a necessary final step, and our dedicated team prioritises delivering results to the highest standard. For bigger projects, we also offer derigging and storage services for stands and graphics, making it easy for future POS displays. This practical approach streamlines the installation process and provides a cost-effective solution to navigate the Easter rush.


Let’s Hop to It!

It’s time to get ‘egg-cited’ about your Easter POS. Get ahead of the rush and get in touch with our team today.