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Floral Event Stand Design: 3 Places to Spark Inspiration

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Zoflora Exhibition Stand for Crufts

Event season is just around the corner. But are you wondering how you can make your event stand truly bloom? We’re talking about captivating colours, unique textures, and an unforgettable experience. But where do you find inspiration when faced with a blank canvas (or blank booth space)? Florals, foliage, and nature of course!  


Ready to ditch the traditional booth and create something that stops attendees in their tracks? In this blog, we’ll explore three unexpected places to spark your floral event stand inspiration, helping you design a stand that stands out from the crowd. 


Why You Should Incorporate Florals and Foliage 


Do you want your event stand to be memorable? Then incorporate flowers! A study at the University of Michigan showed that memory retention had increased by 20% for those who surrounded themselves by plants. In addition to being a memory booster, florals can significantly improve mood. Studies suggest vibrant blooms and calming greenery can trigger the release of endorphins, leading to feelings of happiness and reduced stress for attendees. That’s a powerful argument for incorporating florals and foliage into your next event stand!  


Ready to unlock the power of blooms? Let’s dive into some inspiration for your next event. 


3 Places to Get Inspiration From: 


1. Social Media  

Nothing gets event hashtag engagement going more than an Instagram-worthy feature piece, and flowers are a brilliant way of gaining that traction due to their wow factor. Pinterest and Instagram are overflowing with floral inspiration. Follow industry influencers, event planners, and florists to see the latest trends and discover creative stand designs. To start, have a look at ‘#FloralDesign’ on Instagram.  


Take a look at the Instagram-worthy event stand we created for Zaflora! Network Design and Marketing asked us to collaborate with them on Zoflora’s exhibition stand at Crufts. Custom-made sampling stations were built to include branding, an integral floral theme, and product sampling canisters. Each canister contained a different scent that could be sniffed by both dogs and humans! It was truly Instagram-able. 


2. Other Industry Events 

Beyond the digital world, attending other industry events is a fantastic way to experience creativity firsthand. Take note of stands that leave you speechless. Decipher what makes them stand out – is it the colour scheme, the use of textures, or the overall design concept? These elements can serve as inspiration for your own stand, allowing you to incorporate a similar essence or add your own creative twist. 


3. Nature and the Great Outdoors 

Step outside and embrace the outdoors! From the vibrant colours of a flower bed to the delicate textures of leaves, nature offers endless inspiration. Imagine a stand inspired by a butterfly garden, bursting with wildflowers and suspended displays. Or recreate the clean elegance of a crystal cave with clear vases and geometric arrangements. The possibilities are endless! 


Inspiration is everywhere. Use these starting points as a springboard to cultivate a unique floral event stand that reflects your brand and captures the hearts (and smartphone cameras) of attendees. 


Ready to Bloom? 


At Imageco, we know that nothing is impossible. We thrive on unique challenges and delivering results that make you go “wow!” In a nutshell, we’re here to make your floral dreams a reality.  


Are you looking for an event stand that really stands out from the crowd? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with our expert team today.