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Flower Power: Introducing floral to your event space

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of black and white floral arrangement

Florals are taking the event world by storm in 2022 with major brands putting a botanical twist on their spaces. Whether it’s to bring a pop of colour to your merch or to evoke a sense of trust in a new project, bringing in the botanical can really make your space stand out this year, and with our very own wizard of floristry, Dulcie, on hand to make your floral dreams come true, bringing the outside in has never been easier. 

Blooming everywhere

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a massive increase in the use of large-scale floral designs in event spaces. With over 168,000 people visiting the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and brands like Zoflora showcasing their perfume-inspired scents amidst their 12m x 8m flower-drenched stand at Crufts, floral imagery can make a lasting impact on your guests.

It’s scientifically proven that bringing plants into workspaces can reduce stress and even increase motivation levels through the use of colour theory. For example, green can make your guests feel calm and soothed, while red can make people more likely to make an immediate emotional response such as a purchase. So why not bring that energy into your event space!

Instagram worthy Floral

Nothing gets event hashtag engagement going more than an Instagram-worthy feature piece, and flowers are a brilliant way of gaining that traction due to their wow factor.

For example, a 7ft shampoo bottle made entirely of flowers is definitely going to get the crowd talking and serves as a more memorable feature than a traditional take-home flyer.  Dulcie’s work with the Botanical Kew Gardens and Herbal Essences saw this crazy idea come to fruition back in 2021, and since then has worked to bring more of her bonkers botanicals to life, 

Big, small, any size at all

But, not all floral arrangements have to be lifesize, depending on your event space sometimes less is more. When planning your event space, it is important to keep this in mind as a small floral accent amidst your main branding can still bring in an outdoor atmosphere without making nature your focus point. 

When we were approached by Syn Retail to create an immersive display area for Eastpak’s collaborative collection with Aries, we knew foliage had to be involved to accurately portray its brand identity and aesthetic. Black metal trollies were used to showcase key items, with a base of grass within dried oasis keeping the brand’s backpacker roots firmly in the design. Showing how a light sprinkling of fashionable foliage can elevate a display space. 

If you are unsure about how much floral is too much floral, get in contact with our specialised team.

Floral expertise

Here at Imageco we are committed to making your event space stand out amongst the crowd. Whether it’s a calm inspiring green wall, a human-sized tropical-themed shampoo bottle, or a bespoke botanical-inspired event space, we can guide you through the process from inception to installation. For more information speak to our team about how you can bring florals into your event space.