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How our Design Team is Pushing the Boundaries of Wide Format Print

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Fanned out colour options.

Wide format design is everywhere, you see it from your trip to the supermarket all the way to attending festivals. The best graphics always leave a lasting mark on people, which is why it’s crucial to design and print high-quality graphics for your brand or products. It helps your brand shine and grabs the audience’s attention. But how are these jaw-dropping graphics created? We wanted to give you a sneak peek into our design process. 


From Client Brief to Creative Direction 

At Imageco, we’re all-encompassing. We conceptualise the whole project from start to finish. So, we start the design process by taking a brief from the client and waste no time getting to work. When tackling a new project, we create mood boards to understand our client’s preferences, considering factors like application and audience. It’s crucial to figure out our client’s preferences for colours, fonts, and imagery as this guides our design team’s direction. 

Collaboration is a vital element of our design process. Every team member contributes their unique expertise to the project, especially when we’re dealing with 3D and structural design elements.  


Our Creative Advantage on Wide Format Print 

In our line of work, we often receive projects from design agencies who provide the initial artwork. However, we firmly believe that a touch of creativity is essential, as design and print go hand in hand. 

When it comes to creating compelling designs, we use tools like Adobe Creative Suite and tap into resources like Shutterstock. However, it’s crucial to remember that these tools are available to anyone. What really makes a difference is the hard work and keen eye of our team that goes into crafting designs. That’s where our expertise and dedication shines. Becca, our Head of Design and Studio Manager, possesses a remarkable flair for design. Becca, and our whole design team, have innate creativity, coupled with a keen understanding of colour, style, and trends, which truly sets us apart from the rest. 


Quality, Technology and Material Selection in Print  

Quality begins with the artwork; if the artwork falls short, the printed output will follow suit. While vector images have the advantage of being endlessly scalable without sacrificing quality, it’s important that all images are sourced meticulously. Our use of cutting-edge software empowers us to magnify images limitlessly for expansive wrap-around designs.  

However, it’s essential to highlight that the initial image quality plays a pivotal role. Today’s camera technology has achieved remarkable strides, exemplified by Apple’s campaign, ‘Shot on an iPhone’, where colossal iPhone images are showcased on billboards, demonstrating the amazing possibilities of digital imaging. As technology advances, so too does the field of print technology, forging an exciting future of limitless possibilities. 

When considering durability, several important questions must be addressed, as there are materials suited for every printing application. To determine the ideal choice, it’s essential to examine the project’s expected lifespan, its destination, and the duration of its use. With this information, we can effectively evaluate and recommend the most suitable materials for the job. 


The Significance of Cutting-Edge Wide Format Printing 

The importance of printing in design cannot be overstated, especially with the latest advancements like swissQprint technology and Latex 800 W’s. These cutting-edge printing technologies offer jaw-dropping results, but there’s more to consider than just the machinery.  

When it comes to design, you can’t overlook how far people will be from your printed material. Our eyes and brains process images differently depending on our distance from them. If you’re working on a piece that’s meant to be seen up close, it better be flawless in every detail. But, if your design is destined for a billboard 20 meters in the air, you can afford some forgiveness in the image quality, as viewers won’t be examining it up close. So, knowing the intended viewing distance is like your secret weapon for nailing the impact you want in your design. 


Balancing Creativity and Practicality 

We’re all about striking that perfect balance between creative flair and practicality. It’s not just about making eye-catching visuals; it’s about making them pop! Our expertise extends beyond flat prints to encompass dynamic window displays and exhibition stands that captivate audiences. We’re fortunate to have a team of exceptional 3D designers who excel in turning 2D designs into breathtaking 3D masterpieces.  

At Imageco, our imagination has no limits, but we keep our feet firmly on the ground of practicality. So, you can count on us to deliver results that not only look great but also work effectively to your needs. 


Sustainability and Design 

When it comes to producing wide format graphics, it’s essential to prioritise sustainability right from the very start. With a wide array of materials available for various applications, it’s important to distinguish between sustainable and non-sustainable options. For instance, in short-term retail settings, numerous substrates are suitable, including ones that can be easily recycled, like paper-based rigid materials. When you’re thinking about the long-term durability of wide format print graphics, it’s essential for a product to stand the test of time. Choosing the right material is absolutely critical for the success of your project.  


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